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Below are answers to common questions asked by our customers, if you have a question which is not in this section, please contact us here.


What are Photo Favours?

Photo Favours® are professionally taken photos of your guests, which are printed on special high quality magnets at the venue and during the event. Photo Favours can be designed to contain any additional graphic elements or texts according to your needs and specifications. Photo Favours ensure high quality, long lasting and vivid colors.


Will Photo Favours stick like any other magnet?

Yes they will! The magnetic properties of Photo Favours are very similar to the magnetic properties of fridge magnets. Photo Favours will stick on any metal surface like any other magnet.


How many Photo Favours do you provide per event?

We guarantee to produce enough Photo Favours so that all of your guests will have at least one Photo Favour from your event displayed proudly at their home to remember your event forever. However, if you would like it is possible to agree between us in advance on a fixed number of Photo Favours that would be printed during your event.


What is the Photo Favours size?

We offer the Photo Favours® in three common sizes to choose from:

  • Standard - 10 x 7 cm.
  • Large - 10 x 10 cm.
  • Extra large - 14.5 x 10.5 cm.

In addition size customisation options are available according to your specifications.


How are the Photo Favours offered to my guests?

The Photo Favours will be offered to your guests on our illuminated, stylish and versatile display system. The display would ideally be located in a prominent and accessible location of your choice. Naturally the guests of the event would recognize the display as an attraction and would help themselves to any Photo Favours on which they are featured.


When are the Photo Favours offered to my guests?

The Photo Favours would be offered to your guests during the event at a time and frequency according to your preference and needs. The time and frequency will be coordinated with us in advance.


What is a frame, and how is it applied?

A frame is a decorative graphic element that is printed on top of each photo. It can take any shape and may contain any graphic element or text that you wish. You can choose one of our predesigned frames, use our graphic design team to design a custom frame for your event or supply us with a frame design of your own. Designing and printing of the frames are part of our standard service and are provided at no extra charge.


How many different frames can be applied during my event?

You can choose one frame that would be printed on top of all the Photo Favours during your event.


Do you offer predesigned frames that I can choose from? Will I be able to customize predesigned frames as I please?

Yes we offer many predesigned frames that you can choose from. Our design team will assist you and gladly help you customize any of our predesigned frames according to your preferences and needs. Please browse our frame gallery for examples of the many endless possibilities available for designing your frame.


I have an idea for a frame; will you help me design it?

Yes, we would gladly help you design and realize any idea that you have for a frame.


Can I use my own frame design?

Yes, but please consult with us regarding the technical specifications needed to achieve the best print quality.


Can you customize your display according to my event’s theme and design?

Yes, we can customize our illuminated, stylish and high quality display system to integrate into your event’s theme, display a personal message to your guests or display any other custom graphics.


Where does the printing process take place?

The Photo Favours printing is performed in our custom mobile office parked outside near the venue. There will be no interruption to the normal flow of the event. The process is quiet and unobtrusive.


How long will you stay at the event?

We arrive to your event an hour before the guests arrive to set up our display and printing station. We leave after we have completed our service, the photography is completed and all of the guests have received their Photo Favour.


Will you be taking photos of the event itself or will you be taking portraits photos of the guests only?

Our main focus is producing wonderful and personalised Photo Favours at your event therefore our photographer's priority is taking portraits photos of your guests for the purpose of producing the Photo Favours. The photography takes place intermittently during the event until we have photos of all the guests. If you have any special requirements or if you would like to further document your event please let us know in advance and we would be happy to provide you with a free quote, all depending on your requirements.


Will the photographer be taking pictures during the entire event?

The photography takes place intermittently during the evening until we photographed all of the guests. Usually the majority of the photos are taken during the pre-drinks stage, before the formal part of the evening commences.


Does your service include traditional wedding photography?

Unless otherwise agreed in advance, our service does not include traditional wedding photography service or replace it.

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